Marsh Hand Operated 3/4" Stencil Machines (S)

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    •Punch and Die
    Case hardened dies have wear-proof cutting edges.  Alloy punch is stronger, lasts longer than steel.  Fits closer, cuts cleaner, is more corrosion resistant.
    •Aluminum Rotating Parts
    Lightweight for faster, smoother operation.
    •Clean Hand Wheel 
    No Spokes or lugs to interfere with hand.
    •Durable Finish 
    Baked on powder coat industrial blue finish.
    •Sealed-In Lubrication
    Parts rotating on center spindle “ride on oil” from impregnated felt ring in base of machine
    •Large Dial 
    Easy to read
    •Word Space Button and Release Lever and Button
    For quicker, neater, easier stencil cutting.
    •Accurate Spacing 
    Simple cam and ratchet spaces automatically
    •Quick, Shock-Free Centering
    Makes character selection smoother and easier.
    •Rubber Base Mounts
    Smooth, soft feel to cutting operation.
    •Lubricated Punch Shanks
    Felt rings impregnated with oil, on all 40 punch Shanks, provide years of self-lubrication and reduce operating sound.
    Combine the stencil machine along with the superb quality Oilboard, inks, and applications, and you can be sure you have a “system” that will meet your coding needs.

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